Cuckold Marriage.Info was first launched in 1996 and was the first site online dedicated to the cuckold marriage lifestyle.


Registration for membership is entirely free and will always remain so. As a matter of privacy policy, I never share or use member information in any way not directly related to the operation of the site.

Registration isn’t required to browse the site, but it is required to interact in most ways. This is necessary to protect against spammers and those who have malicious intent.

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Site Features


The site was first launched in support of an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) chatroom long before the days of web browser based chat (outside of AOL). This chatroom existed on Dalnet and then Sexnet for several years before changing technology and external (real life) gave me much less time to manage or even participate in the chatroom.

At the time it was launched, there were no other dedicated cuckolding sites online that I’m aware of and I honestly built it as a way of helping people understand what it was  – and wasn’t about. There are many misconceptions about the lifestyle just as there are about most things we don’t understand or have personal knowledge of.

I also wanted to meet couples and experience inclusion in their marriage as their Dom.


The site has evolved a number of times over the years having started as just a basic HTML site. About five or six years in I began hand-coding a new site that enabled registration, user profiles, and feature articles of active couples. The site didn’t get major traffic but had a loyal following.  Hand-coding a website is a labor of love and while I enjoyed the challenge, it took an immense amount of my time – time which I ceased having. Not having that time made it difficult for me to manage and even add new content to the site which stifled it’s growth tremendously.

In 2010, I relaunched the website using a popular content management system under the current domain. This and many other changes and additions to the site were made to increase visibility of the site and grow the community. When I originally chose to re-brand the site, I stayed away from the .com domain to avoid the misconception that this is a pay site/porn site. That was noble, but short-sighted in terms of search engines and user behavior when trying to remember or share a domain. Since the .com domain is still king, I have pointed to this site as well.

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